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Are you female and a geek, or a woman who is into computers (or who wants to learn)? Do you dig Open Source and/or Linux? Check out LinuxChix! Among other things, they have several email lists oriented toward technical and other issues of interest to the women in computing and the female geek community.

For shareware and news, you can go to Ziff-Davis Publications They have a lot of shareware, are a reliable (if slow) download site, and the member e-newsletters are interesting. However, their pages have a "no cache" on them, so they load like pigs on anything less than a T-1.

For geek news, go to Slashdot or Newsforge. Slashdot tends to be a little more shrill in terms of reader comments, and has a lot of cruft on it, so only browse the comments with a +1 filtering option.

What a great NotePad replacement?? Try EditPad. This little item does search and replace, multiple files open, and all in a small space - it fits on a diskette!! They have both a freeware "EditPad Lite" and EditPad Pro. EditPad Pro is only about $50, and has a regex search/replace, plus other nifty features. It's a beaut!!

Want perl stuff? Start at The PERL Institute for a good overview. Then scuttle over to O'Reilly Associates for some authoritative books on the subject. They also maintain with blogs about perl. Another perl resource, which includes a nice history is the Perl Guide and Resources, maintaied by which is maintained by WhoIsHostingThis. Finally, you can search through the voluminous CPAN site, or one of it's mirrors for modules, source, or whatever. Have fun, and remember to COMMENT YOUR CODE - IN THE CODE!

When it comes to electronic freedom, check out The Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are usually very up to date on the current issues. Also check out EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and The Privacy Page for electronic privacy issues.

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