How To Get SSH on Your Windows Machine

First, you need a SSH terminal program. I use PuTTY. PuTTY is available from the PuTTY Download Page Be sure to read the FAQ, and the license. Get both putty.exe and pscp.exe.

Then, configure your client with the proper host name (or IP address), and connect. You will then have a window where you are securely connected to a unix/linux host. You can change the apperarance of that window somewhat by adjusting the settings of your client (i.e. PuTTY).

To copy a file from/to your windows box, pull up a DOS window, and run pscp (mind your path/directory) you can copy from or to any host that you can also log in to with putty. Test your login with putty first. Typing pscp alone should give you the usage syntax.

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